A paranoia-flinging goon, a shady
Organ-grinder with a deadly tune, he'll try to
Work the monkey on the global stage and render
The truth a product of a by-gone age (so jog on)

Ex. orders written blind, his hands are
On the levers of the orange mind and he's a
Dark wizard and we can't ignore the twisted
Man behind the curtain any more (so jog on)

Bannon will make them
Bannon is directing them
Bannon controls them
His will towers over them (so jog on)

Breitbart reputation sticks, a bunch of
Alt-right, angry vicious pricks, and Bannon
Wears the pants and really leads the crowd in spreading
The kind of shit that would make Goebbels proud (so jog on)

If there's a chance to take the power back we need the
Creepy fuck to have a heart attack, and then we
Herd the others in this sorry tale into im-
-peachment hearings or the local jail (so jog on)


Heil! Heil! Heil! Heil! x 3


Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2018