Better listen up
I won't tell you twice
Gotta watch your back
'Cause she don't play nice
She's got razor heels
And a cocktail fix
Check the funky pulse
She's the disco bitch

Nineteen seventy-six
Things were going down
When the dancing queen
Lost her glitter crown
The disco bitch
Was behind her fall
Smashing in her brains
With a mirror ball

Disco bitch
Watch her tearing up the floor
Disco bitch
And she's coming back for more
Disco bitch
See the daggers in her eyes
Disco bitch
Brings the grooviest demise
Disco bitch

Back in NYC
How she carried on
Strangled fourteen guys
With their medallions
Though they all survived
Is neither here nor there
Cross the disco bitch
And you'd best beware
Ha ha ha ha


Who's the dance floor psycho chick
That delivers lethal disco kicks?
Can you leg it?

Dance, disco bitch, dance
You'd better keep your jealousy in check
Dance, disco bitch, dance
Or she'll punch you in your jealous neck
Dance, disco bitch, dance
Keep on moving, if you wanna survive you gotta
Dance, dance, dance
If you copy her moves then you won't be staying alive



I feel scared ...

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2013