Fuck Facebook, Forever And A Day
Why Can't Mister Clarkson Go Away?
You Bastard, Who Said You Could Die?
Don't Tell Anyone I'm A Spy
Vinyl Destination, Not Dead Yet
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Radiohead
Fractured Skull Alarm Clock
P.S, Piers Morgan Is A Cock

Keep Calm and Carry On
Christmasdoo, Self-Isolation

Disco Bitch, Chronocide
Drat The Peelers! Geek Pride
Bum On The Window, Less Hats
Stop Killing People, You Twats
Lament For An Unsung Universe
Mad Rad-Fem, Silk Purse
Seven Shades, Atheist Hymn
Your Cake Is Gay, Vladimir Putin

The Ballad of Dick Littledick
One Million Twats, Song For Nic
Knifecrime Island, Toys 'R' Gone
Bum Sex Is For Everyone

Yes! Please! I.E.D
Yes! Please! I.E.D
Yes! Please! I.E.D
Yes! Please! I.E.D

Merry Christmas (God Is Imaginary)
Five Gay Frogs, The Pig Society
D.K.N.Y, Farmergeddon
Vote Satan, Lottery Super-Villain
Love In The Time Of Fundamentalism
With Love To Harry and Meghan
How Good Is That Doggie In The Blood Bank?
Save Bell End, Scooby Pants

Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep, President Fart
A Fire We Wanna Start
Crash Landing, Complacency
How To Play With Your Willy


Duck and cover, run like hell
Cheese it, time to roll
Caution, danger, U.X.B
Fire in the hole

Oh, Nigel Farage! Alt-Rising
Bono, Stop The Marketing
Get Me To The Bar On Time
Everything's Fucked, America Bye


Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2022