I saw you standing
Over there
You looked right through me
You didn't care
I wanted to tell you
How I feel
But you never treated
Me like I was real

I couldn't take it
I couldn't make it
Through another
Day without your

I followed you home
I saw where you live
You just didn't know
How much love I had to give
I sent you a letter
Called you on the phone
I wrote you a love song
Sayin' you'll never be alone

I couldn't take it
I couldn't make it
Through another
Day without you

I would do
Anything that I could
To make you mine
To keep you for good
I'd take all I had
And give it away
If you would be mine
For forever and a day

People talk about me
Like a man without a hope
I'll hang on to you forever
I'll never lose the rope
Gonna swing in like a hero
And steal you away
Wanna get under your skin
Nowhere else I'd rather stay

I couldn't read you
And now I need to
See what's there
Inside your heart

I would do
Everything in my power
To stare into your eyes
For hour after hour
I'd never let you go
If there was a way
To keep you to myself
For forever and a day

No, don't break it
Can you make it?
As we take it
To another level?

I'd give you my soul (give you my soul)
I'd give you my life (give you my life)
Now get in the van
'Cause I've got a knife (I've got a knife)
I don't want to hurt you
So do as I say (please do as I say)
I just want to keep you
For forever and a day (forever and a day)

I'll make you a promise (make you a promise)
I'm down on my knees (on my knees)
I won't let you go
I'll never set you free (never set you free)
There's just one question
And I have to ask it
Did it put the lotion on its skin (did it put the lotion)
And put the lotion in the basket now? (in the basket now?)

(Or else it gets the hose again)

You called the police
They took me away
Now I'm gonna be here
For forever and a day

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2016