Bloody immigrants
Coming here since forever
Bringing culture, art, cuisine, and working hard
Holding the NHS together

Britannia's got her hat on
Bloody health and safety
Concerns are good for nothing
Apart from our life expectancy

It's like living in Nazi Germany
All the rules and regulations
Except the fascism, social cleansing, and genocide
Or invading adjacent nations

We're a black hole for science, music, and art
And a void of all that's literary
If you don't count Shakespeare, Darwin, Gainsborough, Elgar, Faraday, Dickens, Lennon, Constable, Newton, Bowie, Turing, Keats, Holst, Brunel, Austen, Eno, Chaplin, Blake, Wallis, Bush, Chaucer, Tolkien, Baird, Babbage, and Berners-Lee
And Freddie fucking Mercury

It's miserable being British
Hip hip hip hooray
Ignore all those cheery buggers
Pointing out that it's actually okay

Summertime,and it's probably raining
I'm in flip-flops, and my feet are freezing
Who cares for green and pleasant? I want a sun-baked, lifeless desert
And no-one wears bowler hats any more - it's a disgrace!

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2013