Fuck Nigel fucking Farage
And his racist fucking fans
Fuck the xenophobic Leavers
And their “proud to be” white vans
Fuck the lying Daily Mail and
Fuck The Sun and the Express
Fuck their thick shit bastard readers
Who helped cause this fucking mess

Land of imperial delusions

Fuck the Tories and their voters
Who sold off the national health
Fuck the bankers in the City
Who stole all our fucking wealth
Fuck the fuckwits on the far left
Who think they've made a crease
In the free trade capitalism that's
Actually kept the fucking peace

Keep calm and carry on
No need to get so mad
Keep calm and carry on
It's really not so bad
I've got my bread and circuses
My TV and my beer
So, keep calm and carry on
There's nothing to see here!

Fuck the fucking right-wing media
You're complicit in this too
Fuck the BBC for cowering
In case the government fucks you
Fuck your narrow-minded, isolationist
And petty hate
Fuck your shitting off of all the things
That ever made us Great


Keep calm and carry on
There's nothing to see here!

Fool Britannia
We've fucked it up again
Our economy is going
Down the drain

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2016