Well my body's gone a bit awry
Though it's not quite time to say goodbye
I shall be around for some time yet
So there's no call now to be upset

See, my kidneys they don't work too well
And what happens next no-one can tell
But I thought I'd say a word or two
About the silly stuff that we both do

Well, my singing's crap and my playing's worse
No matter how many hours we rehearse
But you never breathe a damning breath
'Cause you're far too nice and you're slightly deaf

And though we may both bitch and yell
'Bout how we think the world's gone right to hell
We can banish all the gloom and glum
With songs about willies and bums

No, we never had a plan for this
We just mock and joke and we take the piss
Though there's been no clear financial gain
It's still a laugh and it keeps me sane

So, if you don't mind we'll carry on
Making silly noise and stupid songs
For as long as we're both able to
We can twat around, just me and you
We can twat around, just me and you

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2020