Fake news and polls, CNN
So fake, pathetic
I am Furious Orange
I'll make America great again, I'll make America great again (you should all buy a hat)
Everyone loves my ideas, everyone loves my ideas (the best ideas)
I am Furious Orange
I am Furious Orange
We'll build the wall so big, I build the best walls (the biggest walls)
And Mexico will pay for it, okay?
I am Furious Orange

I have lots of black friends
So many friends, gay ones too (but no transgender)
I am Furious Orange
Ivanka, very beautiful
Her clothes are cool
Nordstrom treated her unfair - sad! (sad, sad, sad)
The Muslims make me nervous #ban
People make Hitler jokes at me
But his book was popular and he did his military service
I am Furious Orange

People make Hitler jokes at me
I won't turn over my taxes, okay? No one cares!
I don't have any links to Russia, no links, no loans
And there is no tape of me enjoying golden...
I am Furious Orange

They were there in Florida
There were yuge crowds of supporters, the biggest crowds (yuge)
They were cheering for hours
They all thought I was doing great, everyone said so
And the fake news ignored it, won't talk about it
Very dishonest! (not even fair and balanced)
And the judges want to hurt America
They were overturning
They were positively deranged and they were furious orange
I am Furious Orange
I am Furious Orange


Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2018