Born in to such privilege
Your daddy gave you gold
But you weren't that good at business so
Your name is what you sold
Success was to be your image
In the nation of the free
You wanted to be a winner
But that isn't what we see

Donald, did they tell you?
Donald, did you know?
Did anybody close to you
Dare to tell you so?
Maybe they just couldn't 'cause they
Didn't have the heart
To tell you, to some folk, your name
Is just another word for fart

It all seems so appropriate
For one with zero class
A fetid and obnoxious toxic
Gust of rectal gas
A narcissistic baby
Your skin is thinner than air
A white trash bigot in a suit
With mental nylon hair


This song compares you to a fart
With a chorus of “bum” and “poo”
Yes it's just a childish joke
But, Donald, so are you


Another word for fart

Your name is just another word for fart

Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2016