I know a grey old lady, she lives in Downing Street
She recently put several hundred bullets in her feet
She was on solid ground in her political domain
But like the bloke before her, she flushed it down the drain!

She called a snap election after saying she never would
She thought they'd win it easy because Labour were no good
She wanted to increase her current mandate at all costs
She had a referendum on herself and fucking lost!

She's partnered with extremists who hate women and the gays
They love the Lord and previously set Ireland ablaze
But thankfully they've only a majority of one
And so a single fucking thing will not get fucking done!

So if you chance to meet her, when walking round the town
Just raise a middle finger to this useless Tory clown
Her eyes will glaze right over, she's whiter than a ghost
Just laugh until you're sick 'cause her career is fucking toast!

Music by Charles Penrose. Lyrics by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2017