David Bowie, Andrew Sachs, Alan Rickman, Ron Glass
Ronnie Corbett, Leonard Cohen, Florence Henderson
Frank Kelly, Robert Vaughn, Kenny Baker, Tony Warren
Nancy Reagan, Tony Burton, Keith Emerson

Glenn Frey, Burt Kwouk, Abe Vigoda, Lonnie Mack
Prince, Dan Haggerty, Garry Shandling, Harper Lee
Mr Gene Wilder, Jean Alexander
Frank Finlay, Maurice White, Terry Wogan good night!

We wanna start a fire
Burn the books of history
Leave this year a mystery
We wanna start a fire
Burn the year to crap, and
Like it never happened

Gordie Howe and Scotty Moore, EgyptAir flight 804
Dale Griffin, Merle Haggard, Cliven Bundy
Phife Dawg, Jimmy Bain, Nigel Farage back again
Football sex abuse, Muhammad Ali
Arquette, Yelchin, ascendancy of Putin
Bill Cosby case to stand, “Batman Versus Superman”
Drug-resistant head louse, Murdoch's got a new spouse
Election day, USA, Donald wins The White House


NHS, pound slash, Brazil soccer air crash
John Glenn, Brexit farce, fivers made of cow arse
North Korea nuke test, Trump is called a sex pest
Economic nosedive, Piers Morgan still alive

George Martin, Larry Drake, Zika virus outbreak
Pete Burns, Castro, Gil Hill, Janet Waldo
Patty Duke and Bobby Vee, Georges Gaynes and Kennedy
Conflict in Nargorno, slaughter in Orlando


Sylvia Anderson and Denise Robertson
Erik Bauersfeld and Guy Hamilton
More austerity, Michael Delligatti
Carla Lane, Rod Temperton, Davids Gest and Huddleston
Caroline Aherne, Jo Cox, Peter Vaughan
Harambe blown away, what else do I have to say?


Bernie Worrell, Istanbul, Nigel Farage still a tool
Marshall, Nixon, Brussels bomb, Paul Daniels is dead and gone
Clinton thoroughly despised, Ma Theresa canonised
Still not sure about Iran, more troops in Afghanistan

Victoria Wood, Viola Beach, Aleppo City rebel siege
Chilcot and Pistorius, Bramble Cay melomys
Arnold Palmer's final swing, China now owns everything
Don't it make you wanna scream? Fuck you, 2016!

We wanna start a fire
Burn the books of history
Leave this year a mystery
We wanna start a fire
Though this year seems cursed
The next will probably be worse

We really like this single
It's a bit of silly
Please don't sue us, Billy
We really like this single
Consider that a review
And covered by fair use


Music by Billy Joel. Lyrics by Intermittent Explosive Disorder
© Copyright 2016