Kris and Aerynne

Here is where we’re supposed to tell you who we are and what we do … since you won’t know unless we tell you, I guess we’d better do that then …

We are Intermittent Explosive Disorder or, if people names are your preferred term of reference, we are Aerynne and Kris, and we do songs that combine our love of comedy and general silliness with our tendency to be a bit angry and gobby about things.

By day we build websites and train people to master them, but after a scary-enjoyable effort performing a few Mitch Benn songs at the office talent show, we thought it might be as much fun to write and record a few silly songs of our own.

So, that’s what we’ve done … if you’re intrigued (or anywhere above “actively hostile” on the spectrum of curiosity), why not check out what we do on the Downloads page. It’s all MP3, and it’s all free (yeah, like you’d give us money – although we do accept cheques, postal orders, and suitcases full of bank-notes).

If you want to contact us for some strange reason there’s a handy form for that very purpose … alternatively, you could visit Aerynne’s fashion blog, or her tech blog, or follow Kris on Twitter, or visit his ranty atheist blog. You could also subscribe to our RSS feed if you want all the latest news.

We’d like to give a thank you and/or shout out to the following ace peeps:

Sarah and Raves; Matt; Andy B, Rich B, Rich I, Chris, Marie, and everyone else at work; our friends and families; and Mitch Benn (whose fault this kind of all is, when you think about it) …