Solo / Other Stuff

Sometimes you just want to take a break from the roller-coaster (or other vomit-inducing rides) of modern life, and do something different – something a bit less vomity, ideally.

Often one’s creative efforts don’t fit in with the ethos of “being silly and gobby” but still want to put it out anway to see what people think.

This, then, is where you’ll find any solo and other stuff by either (or both) of us that doesn’t really belong under the IED banner. Tell us what you think, like, share … you know the drill!

Operative 451: “Bad 2 The Boy (Is What I Am)”

An original creation from Aerynne with a hint of NIN meets the Jesus and Mary Chain about it.

Operative 451: “I Am What I Am”

Because, as Aerynne put it, “I can’t believe no-one’s done a rock/punk cover of this song yet!”