The Atheist Hymn

The Atheist Hymn cover imageWelcome, one and all, to this our Sunday service at the Church of the Patently Not Sodding There At All. For those of you who overslept again, you might just be able to sneak in before the Rev. Godfrey Heathen introduces our second song …

With not so much a fanfare as a few duff chords played on a ropey church organ by a tone-deaf octogenarian, we introduce with great gusto our newest musical effort. Grab a pew, open your hymn book, and plug your ears … some of the parishioners are a mite enthusiastic.

This was a lot of fun to do, and we hope it shows … as always we like to know what you think, so leave us a comment, like us on Facebook, share with your friends, ask us to pose with you for photographs in the post office, or carve our likenesses in the hedges of your nearest municipal park (except the last one … don’t do that, it’s anti-social).

If you scroll a little further down the page you can get yourself a free MP3, and even some helpful lyrics so you can join in without having to mouth random words like most of the young folk seem to do these days (it’s as if they’re really not into singing hymns at all, isn’t it?)

Frocks on, it’s time for apple pie …


"The Atheist Hymn" *
Music by Frederick C. Maker. Lyrics by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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