The Ballad of Dick Littledick

The Ballad of Dick Littledick cover imageRead all about it! Learn the shocking true story behind one of the most despicable rogues ever to drag his muddy feet across the carpet of Fleet Street – and you won’t even have to collect tokens from the The Daily Hate (or The Hate On Sunday)!

This, then, is the tale of one man’s hatred, ignorance, hatred, bigotry, hatred, spite, and hatred; a tale writ large across the news-stands of  the kingdom, spreading misery and suffering to the masses, masquerading as a patriotic concern for this sceptered isle.

So, turn to the centre page and pull-out that colour supplement (if the PC brigade haven’t banned it!) And, before you abandon it in a GP’s waiting room, like, share with your friends, and perhaps leave a comment or two (we can wait for you to stop foaming at the mouth first).

If you flick past the images of delightful holiday cottages you’ll discover that you too can order this highly collectible piece of history in MP3 form. Available in easy monthly installments, this will be something you and your family can treasure forever …

… or at least until the lefties have it outlawed for offending a Pakistani immigrant whose lesbian cancer is raising Princess Diana’s house prices to help fund the BBC’s benefit scrounging hoodies and their knives!

You couldn’t make it up!


"The Ballad of Dick Littledick" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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