The Music Box Massacre

The Music Box Massacre cover imageThere are many fantastic bed-time stories to tell your children of heroes on epic quests, fighting vicious foes at every turn, and doing great deeds with honour and bravery. This is not one of them. This might cost you a decade in therapy.

You might think we’re so obsessed with health and safety these days that we’re raising cotton-wool kids who will explode if they ever go too near a slightly pointy twig, but you should be glad of those kite marks and standards logos since this is what happens if you buy toys without them!

Parents, tell your children! Children, tell your parents to stop scaring the crap out of you! This is a classic lullaby for everyone, so like, share with your friends, and maybe leave a comment or two – it’s guaranteed to have a direct affect on your sleep patterns (although any night terrors you suffer are your own problem).

Have a rummage through the toy box at the end of your bed and you should find, after flinging aside the dinosaurs, robots, and that hideous knitted doll with the dead eyes that your auntie made for you, this storybook is available in different formats for playing on your Fisher Price “My First MP3 Player”.

Evils wobble but they don’t fall down!


"The Music Box Massacre"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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