Made It!

After 10 months of writing, rehearsing, and filling our knickers with whiff gas we finally return triumphant from our first gig in London. Yes, #RikCon2016 is over, we rocked the capital (or at least gave it a gentle shake), and we’ve got video to prove it!

For those of you who couldn’t make it (or for those who did but were too pissed to remember) the complete video of our performance is right here for your enjoyment. And, if you’d like to see the rehearsal video, you can check that out on our video page.

There’s also a great selection of fantastic pictures from the evening in our gallery – huge thanks to Newton Photographic for letting us post them!

Massive thanks go to Matt and Tam (for filming), Sarah (for being totally awesome), Ed and Fig (for coming), Penny, Duane, and Bex (for inviting us), Mr Lee Cornes (for being Mr Lee Cornes), and every last bastard at #RikCon2016 (for being great to play to). We had an absolute blast!

So, the big question is will we there be a #RikCon2017 and, if so, will we be there? Well, that remains to be seen – we shall certainly keep you posted! But, in the event that we get to Rik your pants off again, we’d love for you to let us know which of the songs you’d like to hear again by completing the poll below!

Which #RikCon2016 songs would you like us to perform again?

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