A Very Brexit Christmas

A Very Brexit Christmas cover imageSo, it seems we’re pretty fucked, right? Well, at least we’ll always have Christmas to enjoy, yeah? I guess it depends if your definition of enjoyment includes scrabbling in a ditch for road kill and rotting berries to make your dinner with.

Christmas traditions are many, varied, and ever-changing with time. One day soon children will be tucked into bed on Christmas Eve with stories not of Santa and reindeer but of magical places called hospitals, filled with with fantastic creatures called doctors who heal sick people.

Stockings will be left above the fireplace, not to be filled with presents but as a status symbol to impress others with the fact that your family owns a whole sock each. And, presents will no longer be cloaked in fancy paper and adorned with bows; instead they’ll be wrapped in leaves and held together by snot, spider webs, and shattered dreams.

So, before you throw that elderly relative with the cost-prohibitive illness on the fire for a bit of warmth, why not use a fraction of your 11 minute daily ration of electricity and internet to download an MP3, or perhaps even watch the video? Don’t forget to share it with everyone (a good sing-song always lifts the spirits in times of adversity, doesn’t it?) and subscribe to our YouTube channel too if you can.

So, here it is, merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun …

UPDATE: You can now download this song on “The Considerable E.P” along with ten other fantastically festive tracks!


"A Very Brexit Christmas"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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