Song For Nic

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What can we say about Nic? A lot, but as we’re not ones for the usual platitudes that do a man no justice we’ll instead refer to our friend as a Whovian, a lover of things Apple, and the kind of maverick who has persistently refused to register a pulse for the last two years.

For nearly ten years Aerynne and I shared an office with a man whose love for police box-piloting time-travellers was matched only by his ability to wake hibernating mammals nestling half-way across Dartmoor with a single sneeze.

This, then, is our affectionate, if slightly irreverent, tribute to a quiet, gentle, browser-bending CSS guru whose biological functions, for reasons best known only to themselves, sadly, and unexpectedly, stopped working several decades before their time.

If you scroll a bit further down the page you can listen to this, our musical shout-out to our departed friend, or you can grab a free download to enjoy at your leisure (please note the Tardis is not MP3-ready, and sonic screwdrivers don’t support bit-rates below ~ 740 terabits per sec).


"Song For Nic"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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