We Love The E.D.L

We Love The E.D.L cover imageWe figured it was about time for us to declare our allegiances, and it’s only fair to warn you that this revelation may be more than a little shocking. We make no apologies … there is nothing to apologise for …

There’s a group that you may have heard of; a group dedicated to standing up for what’s right; a group who will fight for what they believe in and do whatever it takes to protect our way of life from being destroyed by the ever-present threat posed by increasingly violent ideologies.

Sure, their approach might be unorthodox, and it’s certainly unpopular in some quarters, but they’re getting the job done, and they’re doing it for all of us. What are you doing, huh? Well, you can get off your lazy arse, put on some suitable boots and join us, not forgetting to like, share with your friends, and maybe leave a comment or two of support.

March yourself down the page a little until you see the banners calling for different bit rates to be downloaded (or you could just stand around and listen to the chants without taking the message home). It’s a free country, so it’s a free download.

Step in time, friends …


"We Love The E.D.L"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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