Merry Christmas (God Is Imaginary)

Merry Christmas (God Is Imaginary) cover imageIt’s time again to decorate your Pagan tree, exchange Norse gifts, enjoy a Roman feast, and celebrate the birth of a Persian god as you await the arrival of a jolly Scandinavian fat guy … and here’s the accompanying blasphemous festive soundtrack!

Yes, with the aforementioned red-suited chimney-botherer on lead vocals, accompanied by the children’s choir from the Church of the Patently Not Sodding There At All (thanks to the Rev. Godfrey Heathen), we proudly present our entry into the much-vaunted battle for the Yuletide number 1 spot.

While our position at the top of the charts this christmas is a foregone conclusion (AC/DC don’t stand a chance), we heartily encourage you all to like, share, comment, and generally download this song until your iPods are as stuffed as the turkey. It’s only fitting, after all; it is the season for sharing! At least it’ll drown out the Queen …

So, shuffle down the page a little and grab a beautifully gift-wrapped prezzie from us … don’t forget to read the tag, as we do like to write something silly on it! Alternatively, you could download it on “The Considerable Christmas E.P”, which features TEN additional tracks. I know we spoil you, but you’re worth it!

Celebrate, have fun, enjoy … merry christmas, everyone!


"Merry Christmas (God Is Imaginary)" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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