F–k Facebook

Fuck Facebook cover imageWe’d like to take the opportunity whilst announcing our brand new song to reassure our friends and relatives that this song is not, in ANY way, about you … unless, of course, you don’t share it, in which case it is TOTALLY about you.

Adhering both to our own moral imperatives, and the legal ones imposed by Trading Standards, we feel compelled to accurately describe our latest musical effort as a quantity of sour grapes so vast it could keep the makers of Lambrini (other cheap, nasty wines are available) going for decades.

It is dedicated to all those who’ve invested time and energy in creating something new only to see the fruits of their artistic expression met with a wall of indifference; a story, relegated to the “And Finally” section of the news by an incredibly important announcement regarding Auntie Gladys’ latest bowel movement.

So, before you tell everyone about the most recent quantum of monotony to have occurred in the catalogue of failure that is your turgid, futile existence, why not give our latest song a listen, watch the video, or maybe even download it with THREE other brand new tracks on “Share and Enjoy: The Social Media E.P”? Don’t forget to share it with everyone and subscribe to our YouTube channel lest we immolate your bottoms.

Share something worthwhile today … or else!


"F--k Facebook" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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