Share and Enjoy: The Social Media E.P

Share and Enjoy: The Social Media E.P cover imageNothing sums up the IED ethos better than that old saying “sharing is caring”, and what better way for us to show how much we care than by sharing our brand new E.P with you? I suppose we could offer biscuits … do you want a biscuit? We’ve got nice ones!

That’s right, where other bands are quite literally itching to share communicable diseases with their fans, we offer Jaffa Cakes and free music, four whole tracks of it to be precise (sadly there’s no orangey centre – sorry about that) .

Celebrating everything that’s vaguely tolerable about the exciting world of social media (apart from the dick pics, obviously), and featuring “F–k Facebook”, “Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep”, and two exclusive new tracks you won’t find anywhere else, it’s guaranteed to be the one thing you could share on your profile that doesn’t feature a cat and a mis-spelled caption in Impact font.

Scroll down a little (ignore the list of what’s trending, that’s just advertising masquerading as the vox populi) and you’ll find a lovely zip file specially suggested just for you. Download, listen, like, share, and enjoy … oh, and to collect your Jaffa Cakes simply go to your nearest supermarket, hand over £2, and tell them IED said they should give you Jaffa Cakes.

How generous are we? Share and enjoy!


Four potentially viral tracks for you to like and share with your friends ... unless you want to keep them, that is.
Track listing for "Share and Enjoy: The Social Media E.P"
1F--k Facebook *
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
2Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep *
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
3The Un-Amazing Instagram *0:23
4A Town Called Google Plus2:07