Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep

Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep cover imageAh, glam rock! The glitter! The big boots! The heavy use of androgyny and sexual ambiguity to challenge traditional gender roles! Sounds like the perfect genre for us to make fun of angry twats using micro-blogging sites to abuse women.

Representing our second, skilfully-fired shot across the bows of the social media dinghy this brand new song takes a sparkly look at that cluster of brainless cock-wallets who insist on feeding mental laxatives to the twittering bird of free expression until it shits all over everything.

Unlike the miserable organ-sack whose festering resentment at being nowhere near as awesome as everyone’s favourite classicist is something they should very much keep to themselves, we absolutely encourage you to share, like, download, and enjoy the song that chaffinches and great tits everywhere are calling, “loud”.

If you want to stomp your feet and shake your feathers in style you should swoop down the page a little and grab a download, or perhaps even indulge yourself with our spectacularly shiny video? If that’s not enough, you could always get it on the “Share and Enjoy: The Social Media E.P”, featuring three other brand new tracks. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Last night I heard a moron flinging some wrong …


"Bitter Twitter Tweep Weep" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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