How To Play With Your Willy (Die, Mortal! Mix)

How To Play With Your Willy cover imageWhat’s this? You’ve been patiently awaiting new stuff and we give you a poxy bloody remix?! Well, in fairness, it’s actually quite a good remix, a taster of the song live, and it’s something to keep you occupied while we hone and perfect the new stuff!

Yes, as we busy ourselves on TWO new E.Ps we figured we’d give you this little tweaking of a song that came about during the last two months of noise-making rehearsal in the funky kitchen. “This rock-type enloudening of our composition is quite agreeable”, we thought. “We should record it!”

And so we did … and we’re quite pleased with the result. We were even more pleased when we realised that we could remix the video as well, cutting the new version of the song to the back-projected video we created for the original. Now that’s what I call economic!

Download yourself an updated slice of nostalgia from the links below, check out the video, or simply have a listen using the player. Don’t forget to turn your stereo system up (and no tape-to-taping – it’s killing music, you know!)

Welcome to Hades …


"How To Play With Your Willy (Die, Mortal! Mix)"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video