Lament For An Unsung Universe

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It’s christmas … a time for helping the less fortunate, and where every other tune is about Jesus or Santa. This year we shall use a single stone to kill two robins, with a song for the one thing that hasn’t got one: the universe.

That’s right, this is a holiday appeal on behalf of the cosmos, and since we don’t have a piano-driven version of a Slade christmas classic to jerk tears from your cynical faces and guilt you into caring we’ve instead had to write our own piano-driven, cynical-face tear-jerker to guilt you into caring.

As you cram your seventeenth fistful of cheesy football snacks into your bloated, roast turkey and christmas pud-filled guts, spare a thought for the entirety of existence … was there a song about it on the nausea-scented, jingle bell-sodden playlist currently smugging its way out of the speakers on your iTwonk docking station? No, but I bet it had Cliff Richard’s latest musical ode to sanctimonious god-frotting, didn’t it?

We’re not asking you to adopt a universe, or donate to the campaign to end cosmos abuse … simply scroll down, download an MP3, and give just 3 minutes of your time to listen to a lonely macrocosm in its time of need. And don’t forget to go and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Remember, a universe is for 1.7×10106 to 10^10120 years, not just for Christmas …

UPDATE: You can now download this song on “The Considerable E.P” along with ten other fantastically festive tracks!


"Lament For An Unsung Universe"
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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