The Ubiquitous E.P

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We are ubiquitous. We are IED. We usually forgive. We regularly forget. Expect us. At tea time. Especially if there are biscuits. This is our brand new E.P, a collection of songs about people and things which are seemingly bloody everywhere.

If you’ve ever felt the cold, oppressive hand of certain elements in our society, the ones from which escape seems utterly impossible, and you struggle to remember a time when they weren’t lurking around every corner, then this collection is for you.

Bemoaning the often infuriating omnipresence of individuals who, like Noel Edmonds, simply refuse to go away, and featuring “Bono”, “Oh, Nigel Farage!”, and two exclusive new tracks unavailable elsewhere, we promise you that it will be the perfect antidote to seeing these creatures so often they’re haunting your every nightmare.

If you can give them the slip long enough, sneak yourself down the page and you should come across a zip file containing everything you need. Download it, listen to it, and keep listening to it again and again and again. It’s the only sure-fire way to block them all out that doesn’t involve your sensory organs, a spoon, and a sturdy knitting needle.

Mental note: add Noel Edmonds to the musical hit-list …


We are ubiquitous. We are four tracks. We are downloadable. Expect us to entertain you. Or annoy you. One or the other.
Track listing for "The Ubiquitous E.P"
1Bono *
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics
2Oh, Nigel Farage!
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics
3(Far Too) Close To Me *0:33
4Brian A-Go-Go2:48