Fire In The Hole

Fire In The Hole cover imageWhat better way to mark the arrival of our 10th anniversary than by crafting an overblown, self-indulgent, self-referencing load of self-aggrandising noise? Well, loads of better ways, probably, to be honest …

Thanks to a decision in 2012 by the company Morale Department, an office Christmas talent show was hosted in which we, with knees trembling and bum-holes squeaking, performed for the very first time, and were comprehensively beaten by a cack-handed juggler.

And, now, after a decade that was not so much a whirlwind as it was that tiny waft of air you get when you close a kitchen cupboard door, we finally bring you the one song that every bunch of self-important, racket-peddlers chucks out at some point in their career: the “we’re totally brilliant, we are” tribute to themselves.

So, why not join the celebrations by downloading an MP3 of this ridiculous humble-brag (only without the humble), or even, for the first time ever, a completely separate, alternate remix of the song! Don’t forget to share it with everyone, check out the videos, and subscribe to our YouTube channel too while you’re at it!

Yes! Please! I.E.D


"Fire In The Hole" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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"Fire In The Hole (Dirty AF Bass Remix)" *
Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Video