We’ve been sat on this news for a little while, but we can at last make the official announcement that we will be appearing live, playing a song or several, at the second annual Rik Mayall Convention in London, on April 23rd 2016!

Right now you can probably smell our sense of abject terror at the thought of playing “Who Said You Could Die, You Bastard?!” (among others) for a rock club full of bloody good blokes and amazing birds in honour of “the grate one” himself, and in support of Headway – The brain injury association, so we’ll keep it brief.

The convention is being held again at The Pipeline Bar on Middlesex Street, London. Fifty early bird tickets will be on sale for £15 at 8pm GMT on July 1st from the official RikCon 2016 Eventbrite page (where you can find everything you need to know). The remaining tickets will go on sale at full price in November.

So, that’s it! We’ve got some songs to write and rehearse, and a good deal of toilet roll to get through between now and next year …