P.S cover imageThis was meant to be our song for Valentine’s Day this year, but it somehow just didn’t feel right putting it out on a day that is meant to be all about love. So, we decided instead to put it out after because, well, this song is about “after”.

We’ve all been there … the countless tears we shed, and the heart-rending anguish we feel, when a seemingly perfect relationship comes to an unexpectedly premature and abrupt end are universal … as, too, is the terrible desperation that grips us while we try in vain to salvage what so obviously is beyond any hope of repair.

And, as what was once alive with motion and filled with heat turns cold and winds inexorably down, all that remains are the thoughts of happier times past. The lingering mental movies that project themselves without mercy on to our mind’s eye as our broken heart pleads for a moment’s respite can only ever serve to remind us of all the things we shall never have again; a pain executed in glorious 1080p imagery and accompanied by stunning 5.1 digital sound.

So, as you rummage around the coffee table of your shattered dreams looking for a controller that will help bring your wounded soul out of standby mode, why not download yourself an MP3 that perhaps might allow you to make some sense of it all. Oh, and don’t forget to go and subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Unexpected shutdown … recovery not possible


Written by Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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