The Pig Society

The Pig Society cover imageAs satirists we’re used to going for extended periods without discovering a rich vein of suitable material to mine. When you do eventually strike comedic gold, however, it’s better than christmas.

In what must surely be the greatest gift to the purveyors of contemptuous ridicule since whatever trajectory Peter Andre’s career has taken recently, this week saw the release of a biography in which David Cameron was accused of trying to join a dining club by dangling his right honourable member in the mouth of a deceased barnyard animal.

Now, we could, of course, take the moral high ground and say that this absurd claim is utterly beneath us but, in our defence, we haven’t stopped laughing long enough in order to coherently establish exactly what our moral position actually is. Besides, it’s David Cameron; even if it’s not true it’s completely impossible to look at the guy and not think, “pig fucker”.

So, while you try to erase the image of a pig-bothering Tory sausage from your mind, scroll down the page and download a high-quality MP3 guaranteed free of gristle (not suitable for vegetarians). Once you’ve done that you’ll of course want to go and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well!

Don’t forget the apple sauce …

UPDATE: You can now download this song on “Planned Obsolescence: The Topical E.P” along with six other fantastic tracks!


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