• Christmasdoo

    After a whole year of being wound up, stressed out, and pissed off by colleagues who thwart your sanity (especially that git who nicks your stapler), how better to relieve the tension than by getting chaotically drunk with the bastards?

  • The Orange Album

    Even if one is lucky enough to find a working pen in the smouldering ruins of what used to be called America, future historians will struggle to write anything more about this era beyond the simple words, “What the fuck happened there?!”

    The Orange Album
  • Vladimir Putin

    I am undefeated king of political dance floor; no matter what record I spin, everyone boogies to my tune, and when light hit mirror ball it throw off rays of Novichok in every direction. Turn up music, let hair down! Welcome Club Vlad!

    Vladimir Putin
  • F–k Facebook (Cambridge Analytica Edit)

    Being right all the time isn’t nearly as fun as you think. There we were, four years ago, telling you how ghastly social media is, and giving you plenty of reasons to hate it, and we’ve only just discovered there was one we didn’t think of!

    Fuck Facebook (Cambridge Analytica Edit)
  • Drat The Peelers!

    They are often referred to as the “thin blue line”, although many have implied over the years that the line might in fact be somewhat thicker. Not us, of course … we’d never stoop to making such a crass insinuation.

    Drat The Peelers!
  • Stop Killing People, You Twats

    It is often said that Christmas is a time for peace on Earth, and goodwill to all, but it seems that neither the year itself (or a substantial number of people living in it) have actually gotten that message.

    Stop Killing People, You Twats
  • President Fart

    We wanted to write a song about the beauty and poetry of the English language, and how words often undergo subtle shifts in meaning from place to place. Sadly we couldn’t be arsed and wrote this song instead.

    President Fart
  • Keep Calm and Carry On

    Musically nailing your colours to the mast of a given subject can be tricky – especially when all you really want to do is nail Nigel Farage’s genitals to a passing Eurostar – but, the fact is, we’re still angry. Really quite a bit.

    Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Who Said You Could Die, You Bastard?!

    Hey, kids! Stop snogging, and pay attention to me! ‘Cause if you’re a wild-eyed loner standing at the gates of oblivion, then hitch a ride with us … this really IS the last freedom moped out of Nowhere City. Don’t tell your parents!

    Who Said You Could Die, You Bastard?!
  • Disco Bitch

    Journey with us to a decade of flared trousers, energy crises, and cocaine abuse as we bring you our very first song; “Disco Bitch”, the tale of a dancer with a serious attitude problem and a callous disregard for nightclub etiquette.

    Disco Bitch

Not suitable for most advertisers

You may have heard of the YouTube “adpocalypse”, in which countless videos and channels being demonetised, many to the point of threatening some video creators’ livelihoods by depriving them of vital ad revenue. Well, it turns out that not even our delightful selves are immune to the commercial ban hammer …

Fractured Skull Alarm Clock

Fractured Skull Alarm Clock

It’s that spooky time of year again, but there’s no need to fear the zombies, ghosts, werewolves, or witches because there’s actually something even more terrifying … potentially near-fatal encounters with masonry.

The Laughing Electorate

The Laughing Electorate

There’s a profound yet simple truth about the British: it’s okay if we don’t get what we want, so long as we can have a bloody good laugh instead. The snap election of 2017 more than delivered the goods.

#KatieMustGo 2017

#KatieMustGo 2017

Ahh, the general election; a time for debates, campaign speeches, empty promises, and self-important, D-list celebrities threatening to emigrate if the rest of us don’t elect the person they want to see in office.

Piers Morgan Is A Cock

Piers Morgan Is A Cock

It’s Easter half-term, so everyone’s on holiday – even us! We’re taking a break from our usual brand of intelligent, subtle, and witty musical satire to instead bring you a few minutes of entirely deserved gratuitous verbal abuse.