The Orange Album

The Orange Album cover imageEven if one is lucky enough to find a working pen in the smouldering ruins of what used to be called America, future historians will struggle to write anything more about this era beyond the simple words, “What the fuck happened there?!”

Making sense of the Trump presidency will be impossible. Let’s face it, merely getting out of it alive seems unlikely, especially when the offspring of a racist butternut squash and a sexually-frustrated teenager seems hell-bent on goading North Korea into World War III before any of us get to see the final series of “Game of Thrones”.

In order that we might help the last surviving humans understand the events that preceded The Great Orange Rage Inferno of 2019, we thought we’d document everything we could up to this point. Sure, we won’t be the only ones, but we can’t ignore what’s happening and, with any luck, our having digitised our take on it for posterity means we’ll never have to go through this shit ever again.

So, if you’re struggling to overcome lethal fallout and horrific genetic mutations in forging the rebirth of the species, why not treat yourself to a little post-apocalypse mood music. Don’t forget to share it with the other inhabitants of the wastelands, and subscribe to our YouTube channel too (assuming Google’s servers weren’t destroyed when the burnt sienna ball-bag covered in weasel pubes launched his war against everyone who said anything bad about him ever).

May America Gain Absolution …


Everything you need to know about the Donald Trump presidency (pee tape not included)
1 The Bizarre-Handed Spanner
2 Alt-Rising *
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
3 President Fart
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics
4 Donald You've Nae Troosers *
5 Fair And Balanced
6 F--k Facebook (Cambridge Analytica Edit) *
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
7 Phurious Oryndge
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
8 D.K.N.Y
9 Vladimir Putin
192 kbps  |  320 kbps  |  Lyrics  |  Video
10 This Little Wiggy

* May contain one or more words that your nan would not be a fan of

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